Old Ladder Herb Garden




Introduction: Old Ladder Herb Garden

About: Hi I'm Brian. Just like tinkering with things from time to time God Bless

Scavenging the lake for driftwood and other usable items I came across this old metal ladder that is rusted beyond the point of ever being a working ladder. So I scooped it up to repurpose it. And clean up the lake at the same time

Step 1: Everything Good Comes by Canoe

Saw this man made object in the water as I was (racing) by in my canoe. Lol. Jumped in and fished this bad boy out

Step 2: It Already Had Things Growing Out of It So.....

It wasn't hard to figure out what to do with this item

Step 3: Usefulness Is Awesomeness

I decided to put different herbs in the rungs of the ladder along with snap beans because they'll grow through the fall and they will vine down the ladder and be really awesome to watch develop

Step 4: The Glue That Holds It Together

I put this dwarf mondo grass in it to keep the new soil in place and to give it structure. I hope this was a good idea. :/

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    7 years ago

    Thank ya lil lady.


    7 years ago

    Cool idea


    7 years ago

    Yes, the ladder was made out of square tubing and it had was actually laying in the water the opposite way that you see it in the pic. The sediment had collect on the bottom of the rungs (now the top) and rusted it out perfect. A little help with a hammer and you have yourself a perfect planting platform. Thanks for the feed back.

    Am I right to assume that the rungs were made of some kind of U-profile that now holds the earth for the plants?

    Great idea, I would never have thought of repurposing it that way. Thanks for sharing.