Introduction: Old Ladder, New Dog Bed.

After moving into my wife late Grandfathers house we found a lot of old yet beautiful materials to recycle. One of which was an old ladder.

With a dog (Colin) who is a little grumpy in cold weather I found it time to make him a nice warm and comfy bed he can curl up in rather then taking all the couch and bed space.

After carefully pulling the ladder apart I then went about using each rung within the bed. I wasn't able to use the whole ladder so I also created a bed for our little (bed) temperamental cat. I may upload this one at a later stage.

Conditioning the timber so that there are no ruff edges or splinters is key but be sure not work the timber to much so that it looses the years of character (paint/age).

Pre-drilled holes and screws hold the bed securely to the frame.

My wife then took the stuffing from an old pillow along with the pillow case to create the 'mattress' and bingo, the lucky little guy has a new bed to keep him warm on cold days or a sun bed in summer.

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