Introduction: Old Trash Truck

It is a recycled representation of what an old trash truck with a modern twist look alike. It is a fun activity you can do with your family during your quarantine needs to pass time.


duck tape, hot glue, ruler, exacto knife, cardboard, tin cans, DVD disc, safety glasses, compass, and card board strips

Step 1: Supplies

Duck tape, Hot glue, Ruler, Exacto knife, Cardboard, Tin cans, DVD disc, Safety glasses, Compass and Card board strips

Step 2: Build Cab and Exhausts Stacks

Exhausts are three tin cans tall

Box measurements:

10.5 inches height

13.5 inches width

16 inches length

Cut outs:

6 inches height

7.25 inches length

4.75 inches height(for windshield)

Step 3: Headlight Cutouts and Tail Light Cutouts


2.5 inches tin cans

1.25 inches with compass

Tail lights:

2 and 7/8 inches

1.4375 inches with compass

Step 4: Putting in Lights and Cover

Hot glue headlights and taillight in front and rear of truck.

Cover up the remaining taillights so they don't stick out.

Step 5: Disc Wheels

Hot glue the disc and cardboard strips together and glue them onto the truck.

Step 6: Finished Product

Hot glued and duck taped together.

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