Introduction: Ombre Nails.

Step 1: Materials

You will need a base paint color, the color you want ombre, and clear nails. Now since I'm no professional I don't know how to do ombre with solid colors, the colors I'm using are thin colors that you would usually use plenty of layers for the color to show up. I also chose green because its glow in the dark! And I love that!

Step 2: Base Coat

Paint your nails your base coat. Now if you're lazy like me you know that the paint on your fingers will wash off when you wash your hands so be as messy as you want!

Step 3: Color

Paint a thin layer in the color that you want. Make sure it's light so that you can make darker layers later.

Step 4: More Color

Once your nails are dry add another layer of the color but this time don't paint all the way to the end of your nail. Keep doing this step until you reach the desired look!

Step 5: Done!

Now the blue definitely turned out better but who cares! Glow in the dark!