Introduction: One Handed Hair Straightner

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Whats up guys daniel here back at it again with another instructables. Thanks again for following me and remember to follow me on ig and snapchat. Today I got for you the one handed hair straightner challenge. I don't know about you but don't you hate it when your playing roblox and need to straighten your hair for your next tik tok or is it difficult to straightening your hair because you have a slight movement impairment. Well I will show you and make sure to leave a comment if you are doing this as well. ;)

Step 1: Our Purpose

We would like to create a way to straighten your hair that makes it easier to handle the flat iron

The hair straightener also needs to be able to open and close easily if the persons movement is impaired

MATERIAL SHTUFF(this was not written by daniel)

  • Double sided tape/Krazy glue
  • Hair Straightner
  • Fishing wire(anykind of strong string like material)
  • Adhesive
  • Cable clips
  • Velcro handle (optional 2 if you would to use the second for the pull action)
  • Some kind of handle or grip to pull on similar to the photo
  • penny

Step 2: Step 1:The Force Awakens

Considering that you did my last instructables you had a brain and have gained all the neccessary materials.The first step is to attach the double sided tape in all of the locations numbered above.Attach the bearings onto the double sided tape.These will run the string along them

Step 3: Step 3:2+1=3 Quik Mats

Considering you did step 2 you are ready for step 3.The final step is to run the string/wire through each of the bearings starting from the first numbered location.Make sure to tie and secure the first bearing.Extend the string so that it is about half arms length.Attach the other end to the handle grip you accuired in the beginning by tieing it so that is secured.

Step 4: Step 3.8:hd Remix the Epilogue

The final step is to attach the adhesive clips on both sides of the hair straightener as shown in the previous picture of the last step.This creates a pulley system that closes the straightener when the handle is pulled.

Step 5: Where to Buy

Kevlar String




Cable Clips