Introduction: One-Up Mushroom(Packing Peanuts)

About: Just thought I could give back to the community that has given me so much and maybe get some cool stuff wining ALL of the contest. :)

This was part  of my 365 day project day # 4 and I would like to share it here as the community should also like the ease, mario theme, and awesomeness! This is part of almost a series so check out the other mushrooms for inspiration each one was designed slightly different in the steps and had different inspirations and even sizes :)

Step 1: Materials

Marker(fine point; not to fine)
Water(any kind including saliva)
AND OF COURSE- Packing Peanuts

Step 2: Make a Ring

this ring was made with 7 semi flattened peanuts
to flatten(semi) just push on them up and down one time over with your thumb and index finger
to join each peanut add a VERY small amount of water to each end(licking will do the job)

Note: If your using your tongue use it is at your own risk... this is suppose to be organic but I'm not sure what they may have put in it Also it taste nasty so don't lick it very long or you will get the taste!

Step 3: Strengthen the Ring

The ring is a little flimsy and does not hold together well at each joint SO moisten a side of a plush peanut and stick it on top of the joints with the middle of it being nearly directly over the joint do this all the way around at each joint.

Step 4: Add a Bottom

At one opening of your ring (decide which opening will be the bottom) moisten were it needs to be moistened and add peanuts creating a plane covering that opening. It is important not to get too many layered on top of the other it should be generally one layer with some parts having a little more than that.

Step 5: Fix and Sturdy Bottom

You are going to want to keep the bottom sturdy and flat so when you are done it stands up I didn't my first time! You can do this simply by finding the holes in the bottom like in picture two and putting plush peanuts over them after applying some moisture to the surface you stick down. also stand it up straight and push in with your knuckle.

Step 6: Finishing the Base...

start moistining some plush peanuts and sticking them in they do not need much some will be shared amongst other peanuts. just start filling until almost done and than cover the top and make it as dense as you feel comfortable with the more dense the easier it stands MORE or LESS...

Step 7: Starting the Head

I mean the head of the mushroom like the very top part the green part... not the head of the character that is the entire thing....

Anyhow simply start making a wall slightly pointed out around the rim of the base!

Step 8: Rounding the Head

Start curving back towards the center after about the second row of peanuts is added to the wall!

at the edge that the wall starts sticking inward stick plush peanuts along the inside making them sturdier for molding COMING SOON

Step 9: Start Closing/forming

continue making adjustments where needed and fixing holes don't be too OCD your going to fill this top!

Step 10:

shove peanuts in the top of that head!!! make some moist no need to make them all that way! but you could if you please...

you are really gonna want to make sure you got the curve right for you before you shove to many peanuts in there you can always fix it but it gets harder the more peanuts in the way! (see pic 2)

Step 11: Add Eyes

I simply did this with a marker! it is hard because of the texture to get to much detail so go with some simply and stretched out almost anime like eyes!

Step 12: BROCCOLI :]

make it look l

Step 13: White Circles :|

measure out to get the right side for me it was about an inch and a half across for each circle yours may vary!

Put four flattened peanuts together to make a larger version of the shame general shape! overlap each peanut and moisten the edges to get them to stick together you may have to do this twice for each to make sure they are sturdy...

cut off the corners in a curve and make sure it is the approximate length all the way around and that it looks good pressed where it should go!

Next you are going to moisten one side of the circle and apply it as seen on slide one and the second picture of this slide! You may want to scratch away at the paint where you apply these because peanuts stick better to peanuts than other surfaces but they do fine against other surfaces most of the time JUST MAKE SURE YOU DON'T MESS UP YOUR PREVIOUSLY DONE WORK!!!