Introduction: One and Done Rocket

Using simple and concise instructions, this Instructable will teach you how to efficiently make a rocket that is disposable after the first use. The necessary materials are an 18"-by-18" piece of construction paper, tape (preferably Duct Tape), and a large sheet of poster-board. Remember, these rockets only have one use before they break. If they're launched more than once they will blow up. Don't be a perfectionist; your efforts will be wasted!

Step 1: Body

-Roll up 18"-by-18" construction paper to designated length (Rocket engine or air-compressor launcher)

-Use tape longer than the body, folding the excess tape into the rocket, to bind it together

Step 2: Wings

-Trace out 3 right triangles of 3"-by-5.5" using the poster-board

-Trace out a rectangle for flaps of 1"-by-2" (6)

-Tape the flaps to the wings in the center

-The bottom of the wings should be flush with the bottom of the rocket

-Tape the wings to the rocket and have them be equal distances apart from each other

Step 3: Nose Cone

-Trace a circle with a diameter of 3.5"

-Fold the circle into a cone and tape it

-Tape the cone to the top of the rocket

-Bind it very well, taping the seam several times across, to prevent it from blowing off