Introduction: One String Soda Bottle Guitar

Ever had a music project at school or just wanted to fool around with tuning and playing a guitar but guitars are just too expensive well I have the perfect solution for you this is a fully tune ready one string guitar it's even good for the environment.

Step 1: Materials

The materials for this project are  a soda bottle thethe bigger the better
                                                      A string big enough to wrap the bottle twice from cap to bottom
                                                      A knife or scissors ( I like the scissors )
                                                      Tape optional not needed but helpful        
                                                      One electric drill

Step 2: The Building

Now in this step we will be building the guitar. Take out your drill and drill nearest to the middle of the bottom of the bottle. Fold up your string  so your finger is in the middle then let both sides drop. Slip the folded end into he hole. Let the string fall down into the mouth hole. Pull the string out and stick the pencil through it.

Step 3: Tie and Play!

The closest to the bottom hole as you can and tie it. Then take your scissors/knife  and cut close to your knot. Then the excess string you may tape down to the side of the bottle. Take your knife and cut a square in the plastic this will be the playing area. 

Step 4: How to Play

This is how you play first you twist the pencil until the string is tight and then you can stick your hands in and Play the string you can untwist the pencil to make the sound deeper, push the pencil on one side up and down to change the tune faster. There you go a enviromently helpful one string guitar