Introduction: Open Sushi (DIY Sushi)

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Super easy, fun to make/eat Open style sushi.

Plus nothings cooked on heat, serve everything raw. Healthy, yummy, fun food!!

Step 1: Do It Your Self Sushi at Home!

::: Things you will need::::::

Roasted dried seaweed
Avocados (1-2)
Assorted vegetables as you desired
Bell peppers
Soy sauce

You can substitute Crabmeat, tobiko or any veges to the kind you prefer to.

Step 2: Wasabi Mayo Crabmeat

1. Mix well 1ts of wasabi to 2Ts mayonnaise.
2. Tear crabmeat well and mix well with 1

Step 3: Cut Cut Cut

Cut vegetables to finger long size
Display them on big plate nicely.

Personally always add avocado for this recipe.
You can add cucumber or radish.
Basically, any kind you like.
I had Uni (Sea urchin) in the refrigerator.
You can add Cocktail Shrimps, or chicken breast if you'd like.

Step 4: Serving!

You will have to wrap it.
Please have serving plate ready.

Soy sauce with some wasabi for each seat.

Serve it with chilled white wine.
Works together great.

Step 5: Wrap It!

Get seaweed and wrap whatever you like.
I like my Uni with cucumber for first wrap,
And second wrap I put crabmeat, avocado, some veges with tobiko on top!

Wrap and dip in wasabi soy sauce,
Enjoy in one bite!!!

Easy to make, fun to eat!
Good for kids, family dinner, Party appetizers!