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About: LD Workshop is a maker place where you can lasercut, 3D print and create every idea you have in mind. Located in France (Saint-Étienne), this workshop has started in 2013 and is owned by Loyc DESFARGES (me). I…

Dear Makers !

OpenPlayHouse (OPH for fast typing) is an Open Hardware project launched by LD Workshop.

LD Workshop is a maker place where you can lasercut, 3D print and create every idea you have in mind. Located in France (Saint-Étienne), this workshop has started in 2013 and is owned by Loyc DESFARGES (me). OPH idea is born because, as many makers, I have kids who love to play, play, and... play. So I decided to creat this kind of dollhouse you can make, paint, personnalize, modify... As it's an open hardware project, feel free to use it, share it, make it better. Please share your improvments, new furnitures, corrections with me at

OPH is to be made of MDF (Medium Density Fiber wood). Of course, feel free to try it with any other material. My drawings are optimized for 3 mm thickness MDF. If you want to cut it in another thickness, you will have to correct size of every hole where another piece will be inserted.

As I have a laser-cutter, I designed this project to be lasercut. If you don't own a laser-cutter, I'm sure you can go to your local maker place, Fab-Lab, workshop... with the PDF files. Each PDF files is a vector file, it means you can import it in a vector software to use it with a laser-cutter.

Some furniture parts must be 3Dprint. Same thing, if you don't have a 3D printer, i'm sure you can find one locally.

If you can't find anyone able to lasercut and 3D print, LD Workshop can do it for you and ship the pieces.

Have fun creating the OPH and I hope your kids will have as much fun playing with it.

Step 1: Bill of Material

To create an OPH, you'll need :

A laser cutter.

3 mm MDF(Medium Density Fiber wood) – approx. 1000 mm x 1500 mm.

3 mm acrylic (transparent and opaque acrylic are used) – approx. 100 mm x 300 mm. For some furniture (TV for example, 2mm acrylic is advised but 3mm can work too)

Black cardboard 0,3 to 1mm thik – Approx 100 mm x 100 mm.

A 3D printer (I used PLA filament but you can do it with other material)

Some papersand (a thin one : about 80-120)

Wood glue to assemble MDF parts

Regular hobby glue (multi-use glue) to assemble acrylic and PLA parts

for the main door, you will need to drill a very small hole (approx 1mm diameter)

2 small nails

Paint, brushes, wall paper... and whatever you want to use to personalize your OPH.

Step 2: Drawings

OpenPlayHouse_vX.XX.skp file includes 3D views of all part, 2D views and instructions.

This file is not absolutely necessary, it's just helpful.

To open this file, you'll need Sketchup Make

STL files are for 3D printing.

PDF files contains vector drawings and instructions.

If you see any mistake in those drawings, thank you for letting me know

In the ReadMe.pdf file (included in the .zip file), you'll find a versions list explaining improvements and adding.

at you can download files separately.

Check for updates!

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7 years ago on Introduction

If you use the PDF files like it is, the house will be 500mm large (19.68") x 200mm deap (7.87") x 463mm high (18.22").

As it's a vector drawing, you can also scale it according to your needs.

If you scale it, don't forget to check the if the ratio matches with the material thickness.

For more dimensions, I invite you to open the .skp file with Sketchup.


7 years ago

Can u put the dimensions for this house


8 years ago

Thank you for your kind comments !


8 years ago

I made a similar doll play house some time ago for a friends granddaughter. Mine could double as a child's bookcase if needed. I used conventional woodworking technics to build it with pine boards and masonite. I wish I had thought about using doors and windows as you did. Great job on your Instructable. Keep up the good work.


8 years ago on Introduction

How cool is this doll house!!

I specially like the furniture of the kitchen


8 years ago on Introduction

This is wonderful! I had a similar doll house growing up and it was so nice to paint and decorate it myself. :)