Optimus Prime - an Awesome Victory for Our Hero (Scene)

Introduction: Optimus Prime - an Awesome Victory for Our Hero (Scene)

This is an Instructable about the creation of this Scene.

Step 1: Copy, Paste and Rotate!

First, I copied and pasted my creation of Optimus Prime. The Link is here if You wanna check it out: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/1eBMxJrpi9x/

I changed the pose of Optimus to make him Hold his Sword, rotated his legs, head and arms.

Then I got his sword from this link: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/23u73HVXwML

Step 2: The Scene

To make the Scene Think about it first, Plan!

The Scene is the desert with sandy hills right?

Yes! So I used The Sphere object, changed and augment its size.

The sandy hills Done! Next are the pillars!

I used a pillar for reference and made it by using cylinders and cones.

The pattern was Cylinder



Then, Boom! a Cylinder.

I copied, pasted and rotated the Cylinders around Optimus.

Step 3: The Final Touch

After, you've done everything you can either finish your Winning scene or add some more details for extra style.

Ex. extra detail on the pillars, background or even the phrase "Optimus Prime Wins!" on the background.

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