Introduction: Orangutan

The most "threaded" animal of all is the orangutan. After my project with the bitumen crow, I was looking for a new bitumen project with some colour. As Instructables launched a yarn contest I saw a possibility.Although the technique with the yarn is ultra simple , the effect is striking.


APP Modified bitumen, 3 mm thick

two marbles

( Acrylic) yarn in red-orange-brown hues


electric heat gun

stanley knife


big needle

palette knife

revolver hole punch pliers

Optional: You could replace the bitumen an heater with cardboard and melting glue.

Step 1: The Face

Draw a circle in the bitumen. Make a slit in the bottom half. Adjust the shape at the top. Heat the bottom hald and melt together with overlap.

Step 2: The Nose

The nose is a quarter circle. Cut of the top in a round shape, cut two small slits in the bottom. Melt the two slits with overlap to shape the nose. Cut a triangle, and a little strip. Melt the strip, standing upright in the center of the triangle. Melt this part onto the first part of the nose. Then heat the rim an top of triangle, as well as the face and press all parts together.

Step 3: The Mouth

The mouth is formed like a moon shape. First try it at the proper location without heating. When you are satisfied with shape and location, heat both parts and press together.

Step 4: The Eyes

The eyes are made with two marbles and two pieces of bitumen. Cut bitumen in "almond" shape with a slit in the middle. Melt it into the head with the marble protruding under the slit.

Step 5: Finish the Skin

With the heat gun on half power, carefully heat the surface and smear with the palette knife until shiny. This will hide the seams of the separate parts.

Step 6: Back of the Head

Until now we have made the face, but not the head. To suggest the rest of the face make a background in a flattened egg shape. Melt this to the face. Note: only the bottom half is melted together, the top half stays separate.

Punch one hole mid center at the top to hang the face on the wall. It may be wise to punch all holes (to attach the hair, see step 7) before melting to the face. I did not and had some trouble with a few holes.

Step 7: Hair in Bundles

Collect some (cheap) yarn in Orangutan colors. Take the end of all color and wind it 10 times around a book or piece of cardboard (+/- 20 cm high). Cut the bundle loose and tie in the middle. I used black, but any of the used colors will do.

Step 8: Attach the Hair

Punch holes in the perimeter of the egg shaped head. leave the lower side, beneath the mouth blank. knot the bundles of hair to the head.

Step 9: Moustache

Punch two holes on each side of the mouth. Thread through the two binding threads of a bundle and knot at the backside.

Step 10: Enjoy!

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