Introduction: Othello Board Game: Oreo Version

This is an edible version of the board game, Othello. Othello makes use of black and white chips. For the purpose of this game, the black chocolate version and the golden Oreos were used. Duplex sandwich cookies, if available, are recommended as the game will only require 64 cookies in total.

The board was made up using tissue paper and a marker. Each player should wash and dry their hands thoroughly before playing.

What you will need for this project:
A straight edge, like a ruler.
One green sheet of tissue paper.
A marker or pen
Packages of Oreo chocolate and golden cookies. If duplex cookies are available, purchase instead as only 64 of those will be needed. One cookie tray for each color should be used by players to organize their cookies.
A flat surface to set your board.

Step 1: Get a Piece of Green Tissue Paper and Draw

Get a green sheet of tissue paper and with a pen or marker, draw 64 boxes. Use a straight edge to get more even lines.

Step 2: Get Your Cookies

There are 64 spots to occupy on the board so buy enough for each color to fill it. If you can find duplex sandwich cookies, use those instead as you only will have to buy a total of 64.

Once you flank your opponent, you will need to replace their color of cookies with yours. You will need to use the trays of each color for the players to organize their cookies.

Step 3: Play

Have fun playing!

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