Introduction: OrganiBus

This instructable is a very easy project to elaborate that will help, in its process, the material used for its manufacture are cardboard boxes that you can find at home and that are no longer used, this bus is perfect for children can be taught to organize their school supplies, it could be used inside the school or at home.
Its manufacture is very simple, which means that an elementary school child could make his own organizing bus. Get to work!


What will you need:

  • 1 medium box of 20 cm x 45 cm (can be a shoe box).
  • Cardboard sheets or a large box.
  • Cold sylicon.
  • White glue.
  • Masking Tape.
  • Cutter
  • Acrylic paintings.
  • Brushes.
  • Godete and a glass of water.
  • Velcro
  • Pencil and permanent black marker.
  • Rule.

Step 1: Cut the Medium Box.

In this part you need to take your medium box which you will use to make the body of the bus, you need a cutter to remove two of the covers that the box has. which leaves me only the sides of the box.

Step 2: Windows and Door.

On one side of the box you will begin to trace the measurements of what will become the windows and the door of the bus.
Once these windows, these are cut with a cutter all along the shore, keeping the pieces obtained from it. (eye: the door will only be cut from the right side, from above and below, the left side is not cut).

Step 3: Drawers.

In the box or cardboard sheet that you have found, you will mark 5 squares of the size of the covers that the box previously contained (the measurement of these squares has to make it enter the box without leaving any space and that it does not bend ).

After cutting the squares, you will cut 4 pieces of cardboard 2 cm x the width of your squares.

Once you have the squares and the edges cut, in 4 of the squares a line will be marked that is at the same height as the window and under this line the border will be glued with cold silicone (which is shortened).

Step 4: Bus Interior.

You will take your finished squares and they will be painted black just like the inside of the truck.Once these are painted inside the covers (squares) will stick inside the bus, these have to be left on each side of the bus windows since the banks that stuck to the square will hold the drawers.

Step 5: Drawers and Tape.

With the pieces that were left over when you cut the windows of the boxes you will make some small drawers to be your windows, the drawers must be less than 25 cm deep or depending on your box.Once the 2 drawers have been made, the edges of the truck and the drawers will be covered with masking tape so that the holes created by the corrugated cardboard are not visible.

Step 6: Front.

This next step is to create the front of your truck, you have to make 2 pieces in the same way as shown in the images, these must be 1 cm larger to the face of the box in which the windows were made and the doors.

A base is made for the floor of the truck, one for the front and one for the roof, equal to 1 cm larger than your truck.

Once counting all your pieces, you have the glue and these have to be a little bigger than your box since the box has to enter the piece you just made.

Step 7: Pintar.

Once you have glued all your bus you start painting and decorating it as you likeYou put the decorated drawers in place and make some holes in the lid to add a ribbon which will be your support to open the drawer.

And voila!!, once finished you can start saving your stuff.

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