Introduction: Organised Bathroom Recycled Wood Pallet Wall Features

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For this Instructable I will show you how I made a plain bathroom wall into a nice wall feature with shelving.

I had a few pallet type bits of wood(I think they were used for racking shelving that I had left over that were of good quality) I wanted to add a bit of storage space for stuff like bleach etc, that were also out of reach of the kids and so these items are out of sight. only 1 toilet in this house! :)

First off I knew I wanted some shelves, a cabinet of some kind and with it being a small bathroom we needed stuff to put things on.

I didn't really work off too much of a plan as I went with my head and with what type of wood I've got (which is mostly pallets of good quality)

Step 1: Bits That I Used

Bag of screws (long enough of thickness of wood you use) and (70mm) to fit to wall

Bench saw

Wood glue

Wall plugs

Wood filler

Wood dowel plugs

Tape measure



Drill (with 2mm drill bit and pozi bit )

Countersink bit

Sand paper ( I used 180grade)

Electric sander

x1 Clear gloss varnish

X1 Paintbrush

Jig saw

x1 can of white matt spray

x1 Old large cabinet door

x1 Pair of cabinet handles

x2 Pairs of cabinet hinges (used from original doors)

Step 2: Splitting the Pallet/racking Then Cutting to Size to Screw Together

Next I needed to get the wood I wanted to use so I stripped off the wood slats off the pallet rack (x3) which left me with a large selection of long pieces of wood.

Working off some sizes required, I used my band saw to cut the pieces to the sizes I needed and worked on the same basis for each wall section with a top and bottom piece attached from the back to keep them all together

Step 3: Dis-assembling the Large Cabinet Doors to Make Small Cabinet Doors and Frame

A friend of mine was decorating and about to chuck these double doors away, I knew I could literally use most of that wood so I was quick to pick it up when he was ready to get rid.

I wanted to make a small bathroom cabinet, so with the large doors I collected earlier I began to strip it down and cut the wood sections to make a smaller version of the double doors.

I then tinkered around and made the cabinet doors and once I got the right sizes needed I screwed the hinges on making sure the cabinet doors lined up square.

The real awkward part was getting all of the small slot pieces of wood to get in square when putting the frame around.

I was now ready to fill any holes/damage with wood filler, then to sand them down ready to be sprayed with the white spray with a couple of coats.

(I am sorry about the quality of the picture)

I re-used the magnets from the original doors (fitted a small magnet on the inside) so that the small cupboard doors shut nicely and clicked open and shut.

I was going to re-use the handles that came with the double doors, but I found a slightly nicer looking pair to fit.

Step 4: Shelving Pieces to Make and Bath Side Panel Also Towel Rack

Next part was to make the sections of shelving I needed for each wall section, using the same basis of constructing each piece with a top and bottom backing, I made the shelving required and screwed and glued (also with 2 wood dowels for a bit more strength) through the back so they are like floating with no brackets.

I then started to sand them down and then use the clear varnish to finish it off.

I was able to make a side panel for the bath (as our old plastic 1 was split and damaged) this was made using the same top/bottom pieces screwing it all together from the back then giving it all a light sand down ready to be varnished.(sadly didnt take photos of this apart from fitting)

A wall feature (above the toilet) fitted nicely and has nice shelving for bits and bobs like toilet rolls/decor.

I also made a towel rack with a piece of dowel for the lower bit of the cabinet section

Step 5: Fitting to Features to Walls, Side Panel to the Bath and General Finishing Off

I realised the 1 major problem I didn't plan for was the light switch, so in the end I drilled a hole through the top cabinet and then the shelf below to be able to thread the light cable through so it can still be pulled.

So to finish off with some nice wall features, with shelving for stuff to live and a small white cabinet for the bits people don't need to see, I was happy with the end result and I love to recycle and love wood too :)

With the long pallet side bath panel, I screwed to the wood frame around the bath.

Hope this inspires people to just tinker around and create with recycled stuff as I have been by others.

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