Introduction: Portable Pocketsized Picture Viewer Using Old Phone

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For this Instructable, I wanted to find a way to be able to re-use an old phone that had been left in a drawer due to being upgraded and it wasn't being used, the point I was aiming for (as I know you can pick up a digital picture viewer from the shops) was to recycle the phone that possibly cost me an arm and a leg in monthly charges to give it an other lease of life as a portable picture viewer.

So I made a slimline wooden case for the old phone to live in, it slides in nicely, you can charge it, change settings, find a nice shelf or sat on your desk at work and then just sit back and enjoy your personal random photo's that you've chosen on your old phone that meant so much to you (at the time :) and the best thing about it is.. you can take it anywhere you like! as this 1 is slim, portable, pocketsized and depending on what phone or tablet you may have, you can make it any size you want :)

Step 1: Bits That I Used

To make this instructable I used:

* Glue gun

* Wood filler

* Hammer and small nails

* Wood glue

* Tape measure

* Measuring ruler

* Sandpaper

* 4mm Plywood

* Band saw

* Set square

* x1 Spray can of gloss black (£1)

* x1 Spray can of grey primer (£1)

* Slats from an old reclaimed set of doors

Step 2: Cutting the Pieces Using the Band Saw

Next part was to cut the pieces to make the frame for the picture viewer.

I needed to cut the ply wood up to get a back piece, 2 sides and then with the slats, I cut the mitre ends so it gave framed finish.

I made sure the old phone slid in and out of the opening with ease on the side.

Step 3: Putting It Together

I needed to put all of these pieces together, so I used the glue gun to fix it all into place and then I used a hammer to pin it all in (I pre-drilled the holes slightly before I tapped in the nails and I also dipped the nails in wood glue - keeping it all nice and tight) - Luckily enough the front mitred slats were fitted slightly too big on the height which made it stand nicely on an angle.

Next, I tapped all the nails in so that I could then put a small amount of wood filler on top of the nails so that when I sanded it down they wouldnt be too visable.

Step 4: All Sanded Down and Ready to Spray

Next, I wanted to give it a spray with Grey primer and then once that was dry I gave it another light sand down for it to be sprayed with the black gloss spray paint.

Step 5: Test Out and Finished !

Once it was all dry it was now ready for it to be tested out, I was pleased with the finish of it, it's real smooth with no nails visable and the old phone I used slides in and out nicely, it stands nicely upright and it can be also unlocked and charged when it is inside the frame saving you from having to slide it.

Please check the video out of it in action :)

Thank you for taking the time to read through my Instructable!

I hope this inspires someone to create something similar.

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