Introduction: Organization Frame With 0$

Have you ever dropped something small on the desk and then couldn't find it a few hours later? Then why not make one of this. This is a diy organization compartment that is entirely made out of recycled materials and it is fully customisable.

1. 3 Sheets of cardboard
2. A couple of old pen tubes
3. Craft knife
4. Tape
5. A wire
6. Hot glue
7. 5 empty containers

Step 1: Gathering the Containers

For this project, any empty container will work but I do not recommend you using glass containers as they are heavier and can easily get shattered. You can find empty containers lying around the house whether it's an used up petroleum jelly containers or Pringles or even yoghurt containers.
Rinse the containers with water and let them dry. Also remove the labels.
You will notice that am using Pringles containers. Well this is because it is easier for me to find five of them.

The containers must not necessarily be the same. Just make sure that the height difference isn't that much.

Step 2: Making the Base and Support

Cut three circles of about 24cm diameter. Keep one of the circle aside as we will be needing only two of the circle now.

Step 3: Making the Container Holes

Place the bottom of your first container along the circumference of the circle without it actually touching the circumference and then trace out the bottom. Repeat for the remaining four containers making sure to leave a gap between each one. If there is enough space, you can also add another container to the middle.
In between each hole, make a smaller hole so that your pen tube can fit through.
After that, cut out the circles. The containers should fit snugly into place.

Step 4: Cloning the Support Circle

Lay the circle you've just finished working on on top of the other circle making sure that they are properly aligned. Temporarily tape them together so that they won't move while tracing. Trace and cut out all the holes including the pen hole. Now you have two identical circular plates.

Step 5: Attaching the Base and Support

Hot glue one of the circular plates to the main base you've set aside earlier.
Cut the pen tubes into 5cm each. You will need five of these. Glue each of the tube to the small holes you made in the circular support plate you've glued to the base.

Step 6: Attaching the Second Support Plate

Lower the support plate while aligning the pen tubes into each of the holes and then glue it in place.

Step 7: Making the Hook

Start by bending a wire into a triangle-like shape and then glue it to the back of the base. Glue a piece of cardboard to the bottom of the base plate.

Step 8: Inserting the Containers

Now slide in each of the container through the first hole into the base hole.

Step 9: Optional

You can spray paint the entire thing to make it match the colour of your room or just to add some style to it. You can experiment with different shapes and sizes. In case you can't find containers you can also use toilet paper rolls.
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