Organized Chaos




Introduction: Organized Chaos

I call this painting “Organized Chaos” because we try to control our lives with organized geometric control, yet in the background it shows the messiness and lack of organization and control that real life is about. Anyway that is just what I felt when painting the top geometric parts of this painting, was how out of control I really am in life yet in my paintings it seems like I always go into that controlled direction while painting. This is one of my favorite paintings I have done, just because I am a control freak and the chaos part was actually very hard for me to paint and it felt wonderful to be able to do it. I wish I could be that free with a paint brush and my life more often and it is really funny because I look at abstract paintings sometimes, mostly before I did this one, and thought how easy that must have been to paint because it is just squiggly line or whatever, but now I know it takes a certain thought process and it is harder than I ever imagined to do painting where you let go and just play. I don’t imagine you can use the thought of practice practice practice, for it feels like it is something inside you that allows you to have that freedom. It just seems like that freedom has to be there for it to come out, no learning it, in my opinion. I am sounding weird I know, but I just learned so much from this painting, I have much more respect for those people who can be so free. I wish I had more of that ability to let go inside of me. 

Good Luck everyone and vote please.
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    9 years ago

    Beautiful painting!!!
    The beauty and freedom you explained in the thought process of abstract painting was very insightful....thank you!!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you both. Yes I do feel the name fits well. We always seem to want to cover the chaos with something pretty such as organized asymmetry, as this, or even symmetry.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I love the name you chose for this. Very fitting! The painting is very good.