Introduction: Organized Pocket Holder

In these images we see that a single thing like a pen, a pencil etc. look nice only when single. When we keep these things altogether in our pocket, our pocket looks bulky and unorganized. So, I've tried to demonstrate an organized pocket holder which lets you keep all your daily needs at one place.

Step 1: See the Diagram

Materials Required:

  • A cardboard
  • A 2 slot Sharpener
  • A normal Size Eraser
  • Glue Gun

Step 2: Make an Outer Cover

Simply cut a 4 x 2 cm cube and stick and make proper square cuts as shown as top view in the image above.

Stick the cube properly as a cover should be strong.

Step 3: Make Boxes for Other Things

You have to make proper boxes for each item to be contained in the holder.

  • Take average length and breadth of a pen and cut a long cube to store your pen/pencil.Make such 2 cubes.
  • Make boxes for containing other items.
  • Make a short box for eraser as its some part will always be exposed.
  • You can stick a sharpener without a box as its permanent.

Arrange the boxes as given in the diagram.on 1st step. Stick them firmly.

Step 4: Final Additions

Color your holder for improving its look.

Now you are ready to use the holder .

You can now carry everything in your pocket like headphones, a small knife, keys, and other stationary items without treating them as a burden.

It's safe, secure and well organized.

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