Introduction: Organizing the Locker

Is your surrounding untidy?Here is a solution.Make your room clean & tidy.Put the stuff away.

BE ORGANIZED.No more blames from mama.;)


A rigifoam, paper cutter,some triangle clips & pins

Step 1: Fix It

First, plan the way you want. Cut rigifoam stripes.Place them in your locker.

Then attach them by pins.

Step 2: New Floor

Cut another rigifoam plate. Fold triangular clips as above,And fix them into the rigifoam plate.

Now you have a!!!! a double decor locker.

Blow away remaining dust.

Step 3: Now It Is Finish

You can place your everyday needs on the first floor.

normal needs in the ground floor.

BE ORGANIZED.No more blames from mama.;)

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