Introduction: TINY TREE

this tiny coconut tree give you a new experience.


2 pins, newspaper, a small lid of a bottle sand or small rock particles, pair of scissors, glue, green color binding tape

Step 1: Fold..fold

First, take a pin and fold it like me. Do the same for the other pin.

Step 2: Cut ..cut

Then take the newspaper and find a green color place. Draw 4 leaves as your choice. ( better to draw coconut leaf shape) . Cut them.Curve the leaves like I do.

Step 3: Paste...paste

Apply glue on the ends of a pin and paste 2 leaves on it. ( do the same for the other pin)

Step 4: Woven..woven

Next, take the 2 pins and woven them by the green color tape.

Step 5: Fix...fix

Put some sand or small rock particles to the small lid.


Step 6: It's Finish

Fix the tree which is made by you to the lid. Now your tiny coconut tree is finish.

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