Introduction: Origami Bendy

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Hi, this is IR5FG, Today, June 4, I made my very first "instructable", which is the origami bendy. I made it accidentally on 2009 and accidentally did it again last year(XD). Enjoy P.S. You can grip on it very hard

Step 1: Folding Time!!!

Fold it 16x16 or fold it 15 times horizontally and vertically

Step 2: Diagonals

Just simply fold the diagonals

Step 3: Fold As......

Fold as shown or fold the first line mountain, second, valley, then repeat it, just alternate

Step 4: Repeat Again in Down Part

Step 5: It Should Look Like This Then.

Step 6: Pinch!!!!

..... The paper(the second square surrounding the middle one)

Step 7: Do As Shown.

Step 8: Done!

Thank you and enjoy (Squish it)