Introduction: Origami Bill Heart

Although the heart looks kind of cool, it's pretty much useless unless given as a gift or decoration (&/or something along those lines).

Step 1: Getting the Materials

  • A bill
  • (Optionally) A quarter

Step 2:

Choose one side of the bill and fold it to the other side as if making a triangle. Then fold it to the side on top of or under it. Unfold and repeat on both ends.

Step 3:

(The folds should be in an X formation.)

Push the middle of the X to from some sort of hourglass shape and push it down to make a triangle. Do this to both top and bottom.

Step 4:

Push those triangles together to form a rhombus.

Step 5:

Grab the right and/or left side of the triangle and bring them to the top point. (Repeat for all sides.)

Step 6:

Unfold the most recent triangle slightly, and separate it through the center while pushing down to form a square. (Do to all remaining triangles.)

Step 7:

Grab the edges of the square and bring them towards the center, creating even more, small triangles. (Once again doing this to the rest of them.)

Step 8:

Unfold them a bit and separating it. All the while pushing down lightly. This creates a sort of arrow shape. Do this to all of the little triangles.

Step 9: Clean Ups

Choose one end of the heart to fold downward. Then push the pointy outer parts of the heart to the back. Fold the bottom flap of the heart into the back as well.

Step 10: (Optional)

Lastly insert the quarter in between the arrow like shapes.