Introduction: Origami Box

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This is not my original idea, but I thought this was super cool, so I wanted to share I with others!

Step 1: 6 Pieces

Gather 6 pieces of origami paper or square paper. (All of the same size)

Step 2: Folding

Flip the paper to show the white side (or if your paper is double color sided, put the side you don't want to see on top).
Next fold the paper in half bringing the left edge to the right edge.

Step 3: Folding

Unfold and make "closet doors", bringing the left edge to the middle crease, as well as bringing the right edge to the middle crease.

Step 4: More Folding

Fold the bottom right corner of the right "closet door" to the nearest crease and do the same to the top left corner.

Next, keeping the 2 corners folded, fold in the "closet doors.

After that, fold the top right corner in to a right triangle, aligning the edges. Do the same for the bottom left corner.

Step 5: Still More Folding

Here, unfold the corners, open the left "closet door" and tuck the top right triangle in.

Flip it upside down and carefully, without unfolding the bottom part, tuck the remaining triangle in to the other "closet door".

Step 6: Last Fold

Flip the figure over.

And fold as shown.

Step 7: Repeat!

Repeat this for the next 5 papers until you have 6 of these figures.

Step 8: Assemble

This is more like a puzzle box so I can't really walk you through assembly, but I do have some tips for you!

- You will have the X pattern on the outside of the box

- For every flap that you tuck in, another different flap will also be tucked in with the exception of the 1st two pieces (and maybe 2nd).

- If the box is completed with only 5 pieces, it's ok, but you will most likely need 6 pieces.

- If you are using 3 colors it looks the best if you have color a on opposite sides of the cube. Same with colors b and c.

Step 9: Decorate!!!

You can add dots to make dice or leave it the way it is! I also suggest adding pictures in the X flaps, or notes.