Introduction: Origami Candy Dish

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1. Start white side up. Fold diagonally in half both ways and open.
2. Fold all corners into centre line.
3. Fold vertically and horizontally and open.
4. Turn over, and fold in half along creases shown, both ways. Then open.
5. Bring top 3 corners down to the bottom corner, using the creases to form this shape.
6. Gripping topmost layer and fold outwards to points shown. Repeat on back.
7. Rotate model and fold entire thickness of bottom upwards as shown, then open. Repeat on back.
8. Fold top layer of bottom corners up to crease just made and open. Repeat on back.
9. Grip points shown and open up to top line. Repeat on back.
10. Turn the page” on the front and back.
11. Fold sides into centre and unfold. Repeat on back.
12. Fold inner corners up to creases just made. Repeat on back.
13. Refold edges into centre on front and back.
14. Fold top triangle down, and down again. Then repeat on back.
15. Pull out sides gently. This will form box.
now u have finish a origami candy dish it will look like the picture i show you above.

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