Introduction: Origami Cat

OK, so I have done a couple of paper projects in the past, (couple = 2) and I think I should do another one, and this one, should be cool.


You will need, Scissors, Paper,and Markers,or Colored Pencils.

Step 1: Cutting First.

So the first step is simple, turn the paper portrait, and cut down, from the middle, 5 lines is you have an A5 piece of paper, and 10 lines, or however long you want the ears..

(Tip: If you have an A4 piece of paper, if you paper doesn't have line, just measure 2.5 cm on A5, and 5 cm on A4.)

Step 2: It's All Ears

So now you need to fold the paper, from the cut, out to the side, to make right angle triangles, then fold the bottom, up so that you can get the shape of your cat.

(Optional: You an glue the flaps down.)

Step 3: Details, Details, Details

Grad out a marker, (Preferably black) and add all the little details to your kitty. I added a collar, ears, eyes, eyelashes, a nose, and whiskers.

(You can add more detail, if you want, but the more detail, the harder it is to color, so the most detail, I would recommend, is all the detail I have put in, and if you want to be a bit extra, you can use a darker color, like for Ginger, I would use red, and add strokes, of fur.)

Step 4: A POP of Color

And finally grab all of your markers, and give this cat some COLOR!!! If you want, a white cat, then at least color the ears, eyes and nose. My cat is named Ginger, and she will be a ginger cat.

(Remember: This is your projects, let your creative spirit out, and have fun with it. It DOESN'T need to be perfect, as long as you try your best.)