Introduction: Paper Pine Tree

I decided to make an paper pine tree because it's the symbol of Dipper from Disney's Gravity Falls. It is my favorite show ever, and so I wanted to do some art based off of it.


Scissors, Paper, something to Color with, and Tape or Glue.

Step 1: Draw the Tree

So first things first, draw a simple pine tree, three triangles top to bottom, on top of each other. And remember to add a rectangle underneath the tree, so that we have a trunk.

(Remember, if you make a mistake it is OK)

Step 2: Color, Color and More Color

Now this step is simple, all you need to do is color in your pine tree, it will give it life!

Step 3: And I Cut

Now cut out your colorful pine tree, and enjoy its beauty.

Step 4: STAND UP!

Now we will make the pine tree stand up, on its own. First cut out two medium, right angle triangles and fold the vertical and horizontal edges, but not the diagonal one. Stick the vertical edge of the triangle, on to the pine tree and then let in stand on it's own. Then, stick it to a piece of paper.