Introduction: Origami Christmas Tree (Made From 1 A4 Sheet and Template)

The Christmas season has already started, and I decided that it was about time I got into the Christmas spirit, so what better way than to make a Christmas tree but I didn't want a massive one as I have no place to put it. So it had to be small so it would be desk sized and then I decided to combine my favorite hobby origami. So to recap it would be a desk sized, origami Christmas tree, but i didn't want to use 5 different pieces of paper as it would be to wasteful and simply too difficult.

So I took 10 minutes and came up with a simple template dividing an A4 sheet of paper into 5 squares and 1 rectangle for the branches and trunk and coloured them into the corresponding colours, so that anyone with a printer can print out the template in colour or colour it in and fold it into Christmas tree for their desk or apartment. Perfect for any room.
The great thing about the A4 page is that it can be scaled up to A1 meaning you could in theory make a massive Christmas tree based on the template.

Step 1: Print and Cut

Firstly print off the template (save the image then print it off).
Then cut it out very carefully.

Step 2: The Branches

Firstly take the largest square and fold it diagonally in half and diagonally in half the other way.
Now unfold it all and fold vertically and horizontally in half and unfold.
Then take the corners and fold them into the center where all the creases meet and repeat for the remaining corners.
Then take the two vertical edges and push them inwards towards eachother to create a waterbomb base, it's explained well - here
After that pull down one of the white flaps and fold the corner of it over to the right point of the waterbomb base and to the other point.
And repeat on the remaining flaps.
Afterwards fold the edge of the downwards to the bottom (the pictures should help with this step).

Step 3: Repeat

Now repeat step 2 on squares 2,3 and 4.

Step 4: The Top

Firstly take one of the small squares, fold it diagonally and fold it diagonally again.
Then open up one of the triangular flaps, flatten it into a square as shown and repeat on the other side.
Now fold one of the flaps upwards to its opposite corner and crease well.
Next fold the corner you folded to down to the crease and crease well.
After that open up the model, push down the top square made by the previous crease and flatten it.
Finally fold the long edge onto the crease going down the center and repeat until you have something that looks like an arrowhead.
(Please note that this can be quite tricky as it is very small)
(Sorry about the bad photo quality my camera doesn't have macro function)

Step 5: The Trunk

To make the trunk firstly take the brown rectangle and fold it in half long ways so that you can no longer see the brown.
Next fold the two edges towards the other end of the model, so that it turns it brown again.
Then fold it in half short ways, fold down the top corner along the edge you just made and repeat on the other side.
Afterwards open the model up and fold the two triangles made in the previous part inwards.

Step 6: Assemble

To assemble it all gather all of the sections and stick it all together with glue.
Firstly get the trunk, open it and glue the white parts together, fold the white flaps down and glue the brown section behind it.
Next glue the top point of the trunk and place it underneath the largest branch section.
Then glue the top of the trunk and the branch and place the second largest branch section on top of it.
And do the same with the remaining braches.

Step 7: Finished

Now take your finished origami Christmas tree and place it on your desk, window still, mantle place or spread some Christmas joy and give it to a stranger.

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Merry Christmas

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