Introduction: Origami Crane

- Origami birds are a peace symbol and a really nice show piece to put around in your house or to give to someone.

Step 1: Materials

- 1 piece of printer paper.

- Scissors

Step 2: Starting

- Fold from the top left corner to near the bottom of the page

- Make sure the paper is perfect to near the edge

- Cut the left overs from the bottom there should be a long strip of paper on the bottom cut that off

Step 3: Triangle Fold

- Then fold it over from the left corner so it touches the right corner so it forms another triangle

Step 4: Grabbing Coners

- Grab the left corner of the new fold of the triangle and hold it up it should look like a sailors cap and fold it down so you have a diamond

- Do the same for the other side

- It will help if you poke your pinkie in the triangle and fold it down its easier to do this way

Step 5: After Folding

- After folding that part you should end up with a 2 sided diamond

- Then look at one side of the diamond and grab the two sides of the diamond and fold it down so it looks like a kite

- Do this on the other side

Step 6: Keep Folding

- Grab the bottom part of the new thin diamond and grab the first layer of the paper and fold it to the back so it will lay flat in a long diamond

- And do the same for the other side

Step 7: The Diamond Fold

- Your paper should look like a long diamond with two legs on the bottom so now you have to fold the edges of the paper crane so the edges touch together and form another really thin diamond

- Do the same for the other side

Step 8: The Leg Fold

- Now it looks like a really skinny diamond so now you want to grab the legs on the side of the figure you should be able to move the legs if you can you’re in the front you grab the legs it’s on the sides of the skinny diamond and fold it up to the top so it will come as 4 spikes

- Do the same for the other side and it should end up as four legs

Step 9: The Final Touch to the Crane

- Now you want to fold down the first leg you folded so it points out like a beak but make sure it’s not too big out then on the sides of the crane fold down the wings and you got a crane

- The last touch is to add a peace symbol on it on the wings for peace or anything you like

- You can push the two wings out and it should be nodding the cranes head, hold the crane firmly from the bottom but don’t wreck it. And give yourself a pat on the back for making an origami crane

- And Enjoy