Introduction: Origami Frog

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I love Origami, but for me I like to do traditional pieces just using square paper and no scissors or tape. I also like the model to look lifelike.

Hence the frog which I think is one of the best looking origami models.


One piece of square paper preferably green!

Step 1: Starting Folds.

With most origami models you tend to start with a few set folds. the frog uses the "preliminary base" the water bomb uses the "water bomb base!" lots of books tend to jump straight to the starting base. So I have done a little video to show you the easy way to get to the two bases.

  1. Start with a square.
  2. Fold point to point diagonally both ways.
  3. Turn the paper over.
  4. Fold edge to edge both ways.
  5. Now press the centre in and the paper will want to confirm to either one of the bases.
  6. Turn the paper over to get the other base.

Simple! watch the video as its a lot better way to explain!.

Step 2: The Water Bomb, Part 1.

So this is one of the first Origami that most people learn (ignoring the flapping bird)

  1. Start with the water bomb base.
  2. Fold the top corner to the bottom.
  3. Fold the newly created corner to the centre.
  4. Fold small flap up to create a small triangle.
  5. Fold the small triangle over the edge.
  6. Open up the flap,
  7. And tuck the corner in.
  8. Flatten to complete the first edge.

Step 3: The Water Bomb, Part 2.

  1. repeat the last few step to mirror the other side
  2. Turn over and repeat for the remaining two sides,
  3. Crease the top and the bottom forwards and backwards.
  4. Hold the paper loosely by the edges and sharply blow into the hole.
  5. Tidy up any creases and the model is complete.

Step 4: The Frog, Part 1 (video)

I think the frog is a very nice origami model. It looks very nice and isn't that hard to make. However the pictures and the description are not easy to follow and the video is by far the best way to show how this model is made.

  1. To start with fold the preliminary fold.
  2. Fold one edge into the centre line.
  3. Open up the edge,
  4. and flatten it out.
  5. Repeat this for the other 3 edges.
  6. Fold the edge in again to the centre line.
  7. repeat on the other side.
  8. Open up the two folds and pull the section above up
  9. and flatten to a point. (video)
  10. Repeat on the other 3 sides.

Step 5: The Frog, Part 2

  1. Take the model and turn over one face .
  2. Fold in both edges (at the open end)
  3. Repeat for the 3 other sides.
  4. Fold over one flap.
  5. Position the model so you have two limbs on one side and two on the other.
  6. Starting with the arms fold up and crease.
  7. Now fold the arm into the body. This is called a reverse fold.
  8. Repeat for the other arm.

Step 6: The Frog, Part 3. the Final Detail.

  1. Reverse fold the arm at a right angle
  2. Press firmly.
  3. Reverse fold again up to make a hand.
  4. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Moving onto the legs crease fold at a right angle.
  6. Reverse fold the legs on the crease lines.
  7. Reverse fold the legs again this time downwards.
  8. The finally reverse fold the legs to make the feet.
  9. Blow sharply "in the opening!" to inflate the frog.

Well done you have completed your model.

Please note, no animals were harmed in the writing of this instructable.

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