Introduction: Origami Gudi Padwa Maharashtiyan New Year Decoration

Gudi Padwa is a spring-time festival that marks the traditional new year for Marathi and Konkani Hindus. It is celebrated in and near Maharashtra and Goa on the first day of the Chaitra month to mark the beginning of the New year according to the lunisolar Hindu calendar.

People decorate their homes with this kind of gudis made from inverted copper pots, silk and bamboo.

Here is a smaller version made with paper.

Step 1: Materials

3 A4 papers

Pair of scissors


Step 2: Make the Kalash

Basically the kalash is a paper origami ball. Make it with orange or copper colored paper.

Follow the steps in the images to make one.

Step 3: Make the Velu Kathi

The bamboo stick is made from an a4 paper tightly rolled. I used a light green paper, but my camera failed on me.

Step 4: Make the Jarisari

The silk cloth is replicated with a dark green paper with the scrap orange paper from the paper ball used as a border. Fan fold it and fold in half again to get the right texture of the cloth.

Step 5: Gudi Assemble

All the parts are done now. Follow the steps to assemble.

Pass the stick through the paper ball. You may need to trim one end to make it stronger. Glue the jarisari the fan around the stick in a little slanting way to make the feel of a flowing cloth. Make sure the fan and the ball are as close as possible.

Step 6: Done

Let everything dry and place your gudi where everyone can see it.

Happy Gudi Padwa.

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