Introduction: Origami Heart

Begin with an unfolded dollar.


A dollar bill. (I used a two dollar bill as my preference)

Step 1:

Fold the bottom lip of the dollar upward and crease.

Step 2:

Fold the bill in half (hamburger style), crease, and then open the bill.

Step 3:

Fold each side of the bill upward to meet the center line crease.

Step 4:

Next, flip the bill over and fold diagonally the center line flap downward. Perform this fold to both center line flaps.

Step 5:

Next, fold the outer edges downward, in a similar diagonal fashion.

Step 6:

Perform another fold to the outer edge of the bill, and line up the point of the flap to meet the point of the fold made in the previous step.

Step 7:

Finally, flip the dollar bill over and you have a dollar Origami heart.