Introduction: Origami Heart

Step 1: Equipment

You will need:
Squared paper/card (any colour)
Coloured pencils/crayons (optional)
A brain

Step 2: First Simple Folds

Fold the squared pice of paper diagonally both ways as shown in the pic!

Step 3: 2nd Simple Fold

Turn ur paper so to u it looks like a diamond then get the top point and fold it in to the middle on to the middle crease.

Step 4: Where It Starts to Get Harder

Fold the bottom point to the top of the paper no further than it!!! I MEAN NO FUTHER!

Step 5: …and a Bit More Harder

Fold the 1st side point so it goes above the paper as shown on the pic!

Step 6: It Gets More Simple Now

Just like u did before fold the 2nd side point to where u did before so it's beginning to look more like a heart now! :-)

Step 7: The Last Finishing Touches

This is optional if u want to leave UR heart just as it is now that's fine but if u want to make UR heart a little neater here u go turn UR shape over and fold in the points sticking out at the sides as shown on the pic ;-D

Step 8: 1 More Touch

Keep tired over and fold down ( the tiniest fold ever) the 2 top points!

Step 9:

Step 10: Well Done!

If u want to give ur loved one a cute origami heart then simply write their name on the front or a little note and decorate!