Introduction: Origami Korean Traditional Dress(Hanbok)

A hanbok(written in Korean:한복) is a traditional Korean dress that is worn in events including ceremonies, festivals and in celebration of specific dates such as the first day of the new year. The attire is composed of a multitude of colors and presented in a formal manner. This is a perfect activity for anyone who wants to learn how to create a hanbok through origami. All of the supplies needed for this activity are simple to find and can easily be found in your homes!


  • 6x6 inch paper (can be origami or any type of paper)
  • scissor
  • glue
  • ruler

Step 1: Creating the Bottom of the Hanbok

We are going to start off by creating the bottom part of the outfit. You can grab any color you like but choose colors that will contrast from each other as it will compliment the top part of the outfit nicely.

Step 2: Fold the Paper in Half on Both Sides

Step 3: Fold the Paper So That the Corners Touch and Form a Triangle

Step 4: Grab the Two Corners and Fold in to Create a Mini Triangle

Step 5: On One Side Grab One Corner and Fold Against the Middle Crease and Do the Same to the Other Corner

*It should end up looking like an upside down kite

Step 6: Fold the Flaps Inside So That It Is Not Sticking Out

*Make sure to glue the inside of the flap so that it does not stick out

Step 7: Flip It Over and Fold the Corners to Make Mini Triangles and Then Fold It Inside to Hide It From Showing

Step 8: Final Product of the Bottom Part

Step 9: Creating the Top Part of the Hanbok

Step 10: Fold in Half and Cut to Use Only One Side

Step 11: Fold From the Bottom a Millimeter and Then Again a Centimeter

Step 12: Fold It in Three Parts

Step 13: Fold in Half and Cut From the Outside to Inside Leaving About a Centimeter

* This is what it should look like in the end

Step 14: Combining the Two Pieces

Now that the top and bottom are both created, you will now assemble them together to create the final product

Step 15: Line the Tip of the Dress Near the Top of the Shirt

Step 16: Fold the Cut Sleeves Over the Dress and Create a Crease Which Will Make It the Collar

Step 17: Take Apart the Two Pieces and Flip Over the Top So That the Back Is Showing

Step 18: Flip the Top Over So That the White Part Is Showing and Fold the Ends to Show the Colored Part of the Part Which Will Be Cufflinks

Step 19: Cut the Sleeves and the Shirt So That It Creates a Round Shape at the Bottom

*For the sleeves, start from the middle of the cufflink and make a rounded cut shape as you are reaching the middle of the shirt

*For the middle part, create a rounded bottom to give it its shape

Step 20: Glue the Two Parts Together