Introduction: Origami Lazy Susan Original Design

About: Origami enthusiast.

Easy to fold and spinable please enjoy my own version of the origami lazy susan.

Step 1: Instructions

Start with the coloured side face down.

1. Fold corner to corner in both directions turn the paper over and fold edge to edge in both directions

2. Let the model collapse into the square base

3. Rotate the paper until the open corner is at the top. Fold the top layer of the left and right corners to lay flat against the center line. Turn over and repeat on the other side.

4. Fold the top corner down so that the model looks like an ice cream cone.

5. Unfold model completely.

6. Colour side up fold all four corners to the center.

7. Fold the inner corners back along the precreased line to reveal a coloured square in the middle.

8. Fold the white corners behind. The back should look like the second last image.

9. Turn the model over and fold the blunted corners to the center. Leave the thinner pointy corners as they are.

10. Colour side up slide your fingers under the puffy square in the middle and pinch into the center firmly just like you would for the last step in making a fortune teller. The model is now complete.

Step 2: Sizing

The end model will be roughly 1/2 + 1/16 and a bit the size of the original piece of paper for a 15cmx15cm square this will be 8.65cm