Introduction: Origami Light!!

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Play! Compose! Cut! Stick!


1. Thick paper (250 gsm) or mount board (we will print/ draw template as soon in image, on this and will make triangles) Results vary with thickness of paper/ board used. (I used Thick paper, so we can see light from behind the paper too, if we will use board instead, the light will come out more focused, make it how you want it to be).

2. Mount board/ Hard board (for base)

3. Styrofoam sheet (for base)

4. LED array (or you can use LED, whatever is available for lighting)

5. 9V Battery

6. 9V Battery cap

7. Cutter

8. Glue (Fevicol)

9. Double side tape

Step 2: Make Triangles!!

I haven't shown the whole process, its simple origami triangles, you have to cut the red portion as shown in template. I have made the template in A4 size and I have tried to minimize the wastage, you can see we can cut 7 triangles of different sizes out of one A4 sheet.

I have made almost 70 triangles (10 A4 sheets, using this template).

You can change size and number or triangles.

Step 3: Compose!!

Compose the triangles on base sheet, play with them, big small clustered or organised or anyway you like them.

Once the composition is final mark your base sheet and cut it accordingly.

Step 4: Cutting and Sticking!!

Now keep the composition as it is, the final one, and start from one end, and mark the triangles using pencil on base and pick those triangles up make a cutout (smaller than the size of triangle, similar to the cutout in triangle) on base, as soon in image.

And now using fevicol stick those triangles exactly on the cutout portion as you composed.

Step 5: Cuttings on Triangles!!

As we have now finished sticking all triangles we will start to make cutouts on triangles, on top of it or on side, play with it again how you want your light to come in.

First image: This is how it will look on back side.

Step 6: Preparing Base!!

Now we will cut the Styrofoam in the size of our composed board.

Lot of work have been done!! Enjoy a little cuteness!! ;)

After cutting the Styrofoam make an edge all around it using same, refer image.

Step 7: Lighting!!

Now stick the LED array using double side tape, all across the base.

And on the side, we will attach the battery, make a grove to fit the battery. (this will help to hide the battery and we can pull it out when we need to switch the lights off or on.)

Step 8: Battery!

Attach the battery as shown in image. I hope its clear.

Step 9: Final Step!!

Stick the composed board on top of Styrofoam base!! and its done!!

Step 10:

This is how the battery will look!! You can pull it out, push it in!!

Step 11: Lights On!!

You can make the light more focused by using thick board to make the triangles, that way the light will only come out only from the cutouts you will make.

You can hang this on wall by adding loop on back side!!!

Hope you guys like it!! Do comment your views!! :D :D and vote ;)

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