Introduction: Origami Money Frog

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hi everybody! in this instructable, you will learn how to make an origami frog from a dollar bill!

all you need for this is a dollar bill and ten to twenty minutes.

Step 1: Gather Materials

find a dollar bill

Step 2: Fold the Corner

fold the bottom left corner to the top of the bill as shown

Step 3: Do It Again

repeat step 2 on the top left corner

Step 4: Fold It In

fold the creases in to make this 3d triangle shape

Step 5: Fold It Over

fold the right side to meet the triangle.

Step 6: Fold the Back

fold the right side again, making this crease

Step 7: Fold in the Sides

fold in the sides, leaving corners in the back

Step 8: Fold the Corners

fold the four corners, making the legs

Step 9: Done!

now you have a frog to put on your desk or to give as a gift.

please comment below if you have any questions; I would be glad to answer them

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