Introduction: Origami Palm Tree Desk Ornament

Bored at home? Want to make something? Want it to look nice? Well this will help you: be entertained, get creative, and have something that looks good on a table. This is how to make a colorful palm tree out of paper. It is simple, fun, and pretty amazing. This took me over 3 hours to make this instructable, but the project only takes about one hour to complete. Please enjoy.


You will need:
<4 sheets of 6”x6” patterned paper
< mini hot glue gun and hot glue for it
< tweezers
< patience and sanity

Step 1: Paper Squares

Cut the four sheets of paper into 1“ x 1“ squares of paper each sheet should yield 36 squares.

Step 2: Folding

Fold each square like the picture above shows. With glue where the red circle indicates .

Step 3: Mass Production of Modules.

Fold and glue each square into a module, these are what the palm tree will be made out of.

Step 4: Construction

Glue six together as the picture shows.

Step 5: Construction

Glue five on top as picture shows.

Step 6: Construction

Repeat gluing layers of five on top until you use all of the first pattern and two layers of the second pattern .

Step 7: Construction

Glue 2 in between each one on the previous layer, then glue 10 on top in a slight spiral.

Step 8: Leaves

Glue 4 together like the picture. Repeat until you have 10 leaves.

Step 9: Assembly

Glue each leaf in to the top part of the trunk as the picture shows

Step 10: Clean Up

Grab a pair of tweezers and pluck out each small string of hot glue this will make the tree look a lot more finished

Step 11: Enjoy

Good job you did it.

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