Introduction: Origami Paper Walker

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A paper walker which can walk in the presence of a strong wind such as that from a fan or down a smooth slope made using a single sheet of A4 paper.


An A-4 sized sheet of paper.

A pair of scissors.

Step 1: Take an A-4 Sized Sheet of Paper. Cut It Into 4 Equal Square Pieces.

One may start with four equal sheets of paper as well. All the pieces should have equal size. Try not to pick pieces too big so that the model is able to walk upon finishing.

Step 2: Pick One Square and Divide It Into 3 Equal Parts Horizontally.

Pick one sheet of paper and bring one edge of the sheet towards another sheet until you reach a point when the folded part appears equal to the unfolded part, thus dividing the sheet into 3 parts horizontally. Now bring the unfolded edge towards the opposite folded edge until they overlap.

Step 3: Now Fold the Two Corners of the Rectangle So As to Make a Parallelogram Shape.

Bring the bottom-right corner of the rectangle onto the upper edge until the right edge completely aligns with the upper edge. Also, bring the top-left corner to the bottom edge until the left edge aligns with the bottom edge. This is one piece of the origami. Repeat the above steps for the remaining pieces of the rectangle to make a total of 4 pieces of the parallelogram.

Step 4: Take Two of the Pieces and Fold Into a Square Shape.

Take two of the pieces. Rotate one of the pieces in the plane of the paper 90 degrees clockwise. Let's call this a vertical piece. Now, place the vertical piece over the horizontal piece. A star shape is formed.

Take the right flap of the star and fold it over the vertical piece. Take the upper flap of the star and fold it over the complete piece. Take the left flap and fold it over the piece.

Take the bottom flap and fold it over the remaining piece in such way that the bottom flap should tuck into the right flap thus forming a square with an X covering the square.

Repeat for the remaining two pieces.

Step 5: Make a Diagonal Cut a Quarter of the Way on Both the Pieces.

Make a cut on a single diagonal of a quarter length on one piece.

Repeat for the other piece.

Stick the two pieces together using the cut made above. Place the two cuts facing each other in a perpendicular fashion. Then push them together until they stick together.

Step 6: Push the Paper Walker in the Direction of a Wind or Push It Down a Gentle and Smooth Slope.

Let the origami paper walker walk!

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