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Introduction: Pocket Sized Phone Stand

All the DIY people out there! I wanted to make a sturdy phone stand for myself and did this using Origami. For this, you'll just a paper (preferably a hard paper) of 28x28 cms square.
Let's get started!

Step 1: Making the Squares

First, fold the paper into half as shown in the first picture.

Next, fold one half of the paper into half as in picture 2.

Similarly, fold the other half as shown by the dotted lines as in picture 3.

Now it should look as shown in picture 4.

Now turn to the backside of the paper.
Fold the paper vertically down as shown in picture 5.

Now we have done the squares and it will look as shown in picture 6.

Step 2: Making the Cross

Once you have done Step 1.

Keep the opening end of the paper away from you.

From the top left corner, fold the paper exactly at the diagonal of the square as in picture 1 so as to make a triangle as in picture 2.

Similarly, take the top right corner, fold the paper exactly at the diagonal as in picture 3 and it should look like picture 4.

Once you have completed the cross. It should look as in picture 5.

Now flip the square to the backside and repeat the above steps to make a cross.

Open the square and you should have two cross marks on both sides as in picture 6.

Step 3: Making the Inner Square

Choose any one of the squares and push the paper inwards along the line as shown in Picture 1 and 2.

Hold the paper so as to get the triangle as in picture 3.

From the bottom, square fold the paper in half and gently push it upwards towards the triangle formed as shown in picture 4.

Now it should look like picture 5. Neatly fold all the edges crisply as in picture 6.

From the top end of the triangle fold it to the other edge of the triangle as shown in pictures 7 and 8.

Open all the flaps and you will have a perfectly square pattern joining the cross makers on the top of the paper as in pictures 9 and 10.

You might need to make the edges sharp by folding them again along the square's edges.

Step 4: Folding the Smaller Inner Triangle

Open one flap of the square which had the square pattern as shown in the previous step.

From the bottom, push the little triangle inwards as shown in picture 2.

Holding the upper edge of the square push the paper as shown in picture 3 and 4.

Now close the other flap as shown in pictures 5 and 6.

Now the inner triangle has been made and it will look similar to picture 7.

Step 5: Folding the Larger Triangle

Push the square inwards as shown in picture 1.

Now open one flap gently as in picture 2, don't open them fully because the other triangle will open up.

Push the triangle to the other corner of the square as shown in Picture 3.

Now close the other flap over it to make a hollow triangle as seen in picture 4.

Step 6: Compact Folding the Paper

Fold the stand along the axis of the dotted line as in picture 1.

Now make another fold along the top side as seen in picture 3.

Press the paper to make the crisp edges.

Now the phone stand is ready to fit inside a pocket.

Step 7: Carry Them Everywhere!

Now the phone stand is all set to go together with you!

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