Introduction: Origami Swan Lake

I made an Origami Swan Lake, which took me over an hour to make, (although for someone who is more advanced in origami, they might complete it faster than me.) Its easy to make with only a couple of house hold items. The house hold items include:


White Construction Paper (2)

Green Construction Paper (8)

Blue Construction Paper (1)

Tape or glue



Photo With Water In It

Colored Pencils

Two Equally Sized Boxes

Step 1: The Swan

For the first step of the project, you will want to make two paper Swans. You will need Paper, Scissors, and Tape (optional). You will then want to follow the link I have posted so that you can make two paper swans.

(None of the origami Instructables are mine)

Step 2: The Tree

Fore the next step, you will need to create 4 trees. You will need 4 pieces of Green Construction Paper, Scissors, and Tape (Optional). Once you have those materials, you will need to again follow the link I have posted to make the tree itself.

(Again, none of these designs are mine)

Step 3: The Rocks

The next step is super simple. All you need is some Cardboard and Tape. You need to crumple the cardboard up into a ball, and then to make sure it stays together, you will need to tape it.

Step 4: The Terrain

For this part, you will need 2 equally sized boxes, 4 pieces of green construction paper (it depends on how big you're box is), tape, and scissors. You will need to then cover the boxes with the green construction paper, until it cover the entire box. The you will need to tape or glue the paper to the box, thus making the terrain.

Step 5: The Decorations!

For the next step, you may decorate the Swan and Trees how ever you may like. For my design, I gave the swans eyes, as well as a feather looking pattern. For the trees, I made lines running from the top of the tree down to the bottom, a colored the trunk brown. I left the ground bare, but you might want draw some roots or grass on the ground.

Step 6: Backdrop and Water

For this, you will need to find a picture with the water in it, wether taken by a camera or taken out of a magazine. You will also need a piece of blue construction paper. Then you will need to find something to prop you're backdrop up. For me, I used a mini science fair board. Then for the your stand if you something that extends out, you will wan to cover it with what ever construction paper looks like the backdrop, for me, I did green for the mountains/ hills.

Step 7: The Final Step:

For the final step, collect everything you have made, and get a lot of tape or will wan to slide the two pieces of terrain you made into the center so they are hugging the edges of the "river". You will then want to put two trees on each side, making it have that forest kind of feel. I had to use a lot of tape too hold down the trees so they wouldn't sway in different directions. you will then want to scateer you're rocks loosely over the terrain. Then place the swans on the blue construction paper, and then you can be finished!!!!!!! Enjoy you're Origami Swan Lake :)