Origami TIE Fighters

Introduction: Origami TIE Fighters

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I've figured out how to fold Star Wars TIE fighters. So far I can fold the basic fighter, Interceptors, and the Advanced X1 (Darth Vader's TIE)

Step 1: Body 1

Get a sheet of 8 1/2 by 11" paper, and cut it down to 8" by 11." Fold it in half hotdog-style. Open it up and fold the corners in.

Step 2: Body 2

Fold the paper back up, and fold the tops down. For best results, fold on the lines in Pics. 2 and 3. Fold both sides and both ways. Now, push/pull the far corners in (Pic. 3) until it looks like Pics. 4 and 5. Crease the wings in, like Pic. 5

Step 3: Finishing

To make an Interceptor, follow Pics. 1 and 2: for all wings, fold like 1 and push it in. (like 2)

To make an X1, follow Pics. 3 and 4: for all wings, fold like 3 and push in like 4. Tape if necessary.

To make a basic fighter, follow Pic 5: fold in all corners (except the back one) slightly.

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    12 years ago on Step 2

    Here's a little more detail of the step between Pics. 3-4. The tip of the paper in the image below is the left tip in 3 and the rightmost tip in 4. You open up the end near the tip, holding the main body closed, and push the tip up and to the right until it looks like 4 (from the "inside" of the model; 5 is the outside). You will need to make a couple of creases; these are the top and left sides of the "square" of the wings in 4.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Hey cool rated 4.5*, have a look at my ible "Star-Wars X-Wing 2"