Introduction: Stealth K'nex Pistol

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This is a small, pocket-sized pistol that has about the same range as my other pistol (15 feet) but is much smaller and has less parts.

Step 1: Handle

Build the handle. You will need (again, the other parts are in parentheses):

2 white (yellow) 5-clip connectors
2 dark gray (red) 3-clip connectors
1 brown (orange) long 2-clip connectors
8 black (green) rods
1 silver (white) rod
2 blue spacers

Build everything in part 2. You can see how the rod with spacers goes on in the second pic.

Step 2: Barrel

Build the barrel. You need:

6 black (white) 8-clip connectors
5 gray 1-clip connectors
2 brown (orange) long 2-clip connectors
1 dark gray (red) 3-clip connectors
9 black (green) rods
7 silver (white) rods

Build everything in pic. 1. Attach 3 black connectors with 2 black rods, twice. Put it all together as in the second pic.

Step 3: Trigger, Firing Pin

Build the trigger and firing pin. They are the same except that the firing pin uses a green (yellow) rod instead of a black one. You need:

The trigger (find out how to build it at Trigger or just look at the pic.)
1 brown connector
1 small blue connector
1 green rod

Build the trigger the same way as the other one (you can use the link), but use a green rod.

Step 4: Assembly

Put together the gun. You need:

3 medium rubber bands or 1 medium and 1 large
firing pin

Use the pictures for help.

Step 5: Using It

Must I explain? Anyway, pull back the firing pin, load in ammo (preferably the small silver rods), pull the trigger, blah blah. This won't do much except stun...Metroids?