Introduction: Origami Heart With Wings


Since there are not very many actual origami projects other than airplanes, this shall be a perfect taster for my go at Instructables before I do anything insane. I dearly apologize for the picture quality (Though I've seen worse). I've had to play around with the sharpness and contrasts to achieve something at least somewhat respectable.

This is an origami heart with wings -- I can't exactly recall where I learned it from. Many girls like this. . .

Well, without any further ado, here are the instructions:

Step 1: Begin!

Start with the color you want your heart to be in the front. If you are using a sticky note, this should be no problem.

Step 2: Corner Folds

Flip the paper over (Or mountain fold, if you are familiar with the term) and fold the corners across to touch the other. Do the same to the other set of corners.

Step 3: More Folds

On your colored (Coloured, if you are English) side, Fold the long parts across to touch the other -- Oh, and if you haven't figured it out yet, CREASE. Then do the same to the uncreased part.

Step 4: Triforce. . . Well, Triangle

Flip the thing over and fold the bottom two corners along the  middle crease. It should form a triforce -- I mean triangle. (That looks nothing like the triforce. . .)

Step 5: Flip and Squash

This is where Instructables come in handy. Check out the pics rather than listen to some freak try to explain things. *Thumbs up*

This is called a "Squash Fold" in Origami tongue. It practically folds itself if you crease it correctly.

Step 6: Taking Shape. . .

Fold down the top flap on the diamond. Then fold down the two triangles above it square to the fold you just made.

Chances are that that was waaay too technical. just look at the pic.

Step 7: The Heart

Unfold the top triangles and perform another squash fold. To do this, stick your finger in the nice little flaps shown in the picture and pop them out. Then just lay them flat.

Step 8: Wing Surgery

Flip the entire heart over, and fold down the largest top flap down as far as you can.

Step 9: More Wing Surgery

Fold the flap up to the points of the heart, then fold it back down to the edge of itself (As in the flap, not the entire heart).

Step 10: Final Touches

Unfold the wings, then carefully fold it back along the creases you just made -- so you'll get half of the divided creases. Remember to refold the crease once it is partnered with the new fold. If you do not understand, the pictures make it all better for you.

Step 11: Ripple Effect

This is difficult to explain (As if the rest wasn't).  Fold one wing edge to the middle, then do the same with the other. Spread out the wings.

Step 12: The Heart of Wings

If you've managed to do this without losing your sanity, congratulations! You now have a beautiful heart to give to your. . . whatever. Enjoy this piece or curse me for sticking this on Instructables. If you have any questions or problems, please let me know.