Introduction: Origami High-jump Frog

An origami frog made out of a playing-card sized card that jumps about a foot high at most and travels about one and a half feet at most.
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Step 1: Get Your Card and Start Folding!

You'll need a stiffish card about the size of a playing card. Stiffer-than-normal playing cards work well but I used a Horrible Science fact card. MetCards (Australian public transport ticket) also work well.
First, fold from one corner into the side to make a sort of trapezium shape. Open it back up and do the same for the other side. You should end up with an 'x' shaped crease.
Where the 'x' meets, fold the card back horizontally. You should now have a horizontal crease through the center of your 'x'.

Step 2: Make the Front Legs

This part is kinda hard to describe, so look at the picture if you're not sure, get the parts with the horizontal crease and collapse them inwards them in to make a pentagon with a triangular flap. Fold up one side of the flap as shown in the pictures to make a square/diamond shape with two thin triangular flaps. These are the front legs of your frog.

Step 3: Make the Springy Back Legs

To make the back legs, fold the sides in as shown in the picture, forming a long shape with the front legs at the top. Then fold the bottom of that long shape upwards, covering the front legs, stopping when you meet the corner of the front legs. Then fold that flap back in half, making a 'z' shape when viewed from the side. Don't crease too hard or it won't be springy enough.

Step 4: Make It Jump!

To make your frog jump, press on the back of it (don't press too hard or you'll crease the legs too much) to make the back legs depress. Slide your finger down quickly and your frog should leap either a long distance with low height or go high but not cover any distance. Have fun!
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