Introduction: Origami Note Holder

This is a good place for any beginning origami master wannabe to start, this is a simple and rewarding project.

You will need an A4 sheet of paper and a few simple skills.

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Each of the steps will be 3 step blocks.

To find out how to make this "paper marvel" read on to step 1!

Step 1: 1 Through 3.

Alright, first, get a piece of A4 paper and orientate it landscape, fold the bottom edge up to the top edge thus folding the paper in half.

Get the bottom edge of the now folded paper and fol it up to meet the top, crease and then unfold.

On the top you will notice two layers, fold the top one down about 1cm and then do the same thing on the other side.

Once you have done that you nee to go to the next step.

Step 2: Steps 4 Through 6

Now, take one of the top corners (top layer only) and fold it in like the photos show, you only need to fold it in about 3cm, flip the model over and do the same thing there.

You will have to fold down the edges to where the corners are, please refer to the photos, you will have to do it on both sides.

Open up the model and it should look like the last photo.

Step 3: 7 Through 9

Turn your work over so you are looking at the back and then fold the left side in about as far as your little finger is long.

Now fold the right side in almost to the edge, leave a small gap about the width of your index finger.

Tuck the right end into the left end and fold the top down to complete!

If you have done it right the friction from the paper should lock the folds in place.

If you have done it wrong an can't figure out why, post a comment and I will o my best to answer it!

Thanks for viewing!

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