Introduction: Ornament of Light Bulbs

you'll be able to enjoy beautiful ornaments like vases or terrariums made from old light bulbs.

It's easy to make them if you follow following steps.

To make it, you need to prepare following materials and tools.

・old used incandesent light bulbs


・branches, leaves, and your favorite plants

・hemp cord




Step 1: FIrst, Take Out a Silver Electrocode by Pliers.

If it is difficult for you to do by pliers, you can use cutter knife.

Step 2: Second, Break a Black Insulater by Screwdriver or Pliers.

Step 3: Next, Break Contents of an Old Light Bulb by a Screwdrive

When you do this, be careful not to break the outside of a light bulb.

Step 4: After That, Put in Soil.

if you do like this picture, you can put it in easily.

Step 5: When You Fill the Bulb by Half With Soil, Put Branches and Leaves Into Bulb

If you have air plant, you can also use it.

Step 6: Then, Tie the Hemp Cord on the Bulb.

When you do this, you had better to tie tighty in order not to fall the bulb.

Step 7: Finally, Hang It on the Wall by Using Hemp Cord.

It's completion.

You can make this ornaments with various variation.

For example, using another plants or flowers, making a stand for bulb and put bulb on stand.

Making this ornament is so easy and fashionable, that I recommend you try this.

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