Introduction: Our HoverCraft

Step 1: Technical Sketches

our drawing wak i know

Step 2: Physics Concepts

The phsyic concepts of the hover craft are: Pressure,Friction,motion,Energy,Expansion,and change of state.

Step 3: Material List

4x4 wood
duct tape
staples/staple gun
small whiteboard
shower curtain/plastic tarp.

Step 4: Directions on How to Make Your Hovercraft

First we took the wood and cut a triangle out of the 2 front corners,Then we cut a small circle about 2 in. in diameter in the far left side of your craft for your blow whole.Then place the wood ontop of the tarp then wrapt he tarp up and start stapling it together. After then you take the tape and tape it up really good so no air can come out at the top. Then take your small white board and cut a circle out of it about 5inch in diameter. and place it at the bottom center of your craft then screw it down. After doing that you want to go out about a ft. away fromthe center circle and make smaller circles going around the white board circle. These little circles should be about 3in. in diameter start small if need so make whole bigger for more flow of air. there you go your hovercraft is ready to be tested!

Step 5: Troubles With Hovercraft!

Our big problem was making the hovercraft hover. At first we had the tarp to loose which had to much air goin thru so that didn't work. So we tried to tight it up that came out to work perfectly. We aslso cut to many wholes at the bottom starting off with 8 but hten cover 2 of them up which made it better as well. otehr then that no trouble at all.