Introduction: Our Work Areas.

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The room where It all started. My first instructable that has multiplied into more than 180 different instructables. Also the room I have been given the most grief. People might have realised there is a lot of time effort and materials that go into the projects. It would have been a bit nicer if they had looked at it that way. Some of these pictures are reprints so to speak, but there are a few new ones.

Step 1: Daughters Ex-room.

She is grown and gone now, so it can be used for whatever we want.  The thin client lab and mythtv server are in there now.

Step 2: Man Cave.

This is my room. workstation/server room. The main computer area.. We solder things and what ever else I can put together inside.

Step 3: Garage.

Area for bigger projects.   Pulling a couple of electric motors from a dead vacuum and two dryers for copper wire. Where the pneumatic projects were made.

Step 4: Kitchen.

The Infamous kitchen where a few things were cooked up.

Step 5: Other Rooms.

Here there and everywhere, So area is safe form work.

Step 6: Thanx for the Year of "PRO"

Caught me by surprise. Thanx Instructables for the year of "PRO"!
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