Introduction: Outdoor Mashed Potato

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Super goooood! You can do this at your bbq or open fire.

You can prepare this the day before camping, place in fridge and your cooler the next day.

Step 1: Ingredients and Method

As many potatoes as needed

Garlic powder and salt as needed

1 slice bacon per potato

Grated cheese (ready to use, store bought)

Green onion (green part only), sliced

Aluminum foil

Wash clean potatoes and boil until tender.

Pat dry and place each potato on its own aluminum foils

Mash/crush as shown then sprinkle with salt and garlic powder

Top with cubed bacon, follows with grated cheese and green onion

Wrap potatoes (individually)

Grill on high for 8 minutes (if its cooked on open fire, 5 minutes would be done already)


You can add a tsp butter on each potato if you like!

Sometimes we also add a tiny pinch of black pepper (freshly crushed or powder is fine)

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